Sigve Aspelund assisted the acclaimed portrait photographer Dag Eivind Thorenfeldt before embarking on a career as a commercial photographer himself. Sigve frequently works with Norway’s best creators in advertising, and has an instinctive understanding of creative marketing and art direction. His long experience combined with a set of great technical skills in both pre and post production, has earned him numerous awards for his work. 

He has worked with agencies such as T/A/POL, McCann, ANTI, Los&Co, Ernö and TRY/APT on campaigns for clients like Volkswagen, DNB, Tom Wood, Coca Cola, Telenor and TINE. Sigve also directs commercials, combining his interests in both film and photo.

Instagram: @sigveaspelund / @territoriet

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2015  D&AD awards, Wood Pencil, packaging design photo
2014  The Pentawards, Gold, photography for Bamsrudlåven Gårdsis
2014  The Dieline Awards, Gold, photography for Bamsrudloven Gårdsis 
2014  Gullsnitt, Bronze, category Fashion, Lookbook SS 2013, Tom Wood
2010  Gullblyanten, GOLD, Publikasjoner og media, TRY advertising AS for Aschehoug-Doktor Proktor
2010  Gullblyanten, GOLD, HåndbokTRY advertising AS for Aschehoug
2010  New York Festivals, BRONZE, International Advertising Award, TRY for VW
2010  Gullsnitt, GOLD, Music, Massiv
2009  Gullblyanten, SILVER, Print, TRY for VW
2009  Gullblyanten, SILVER, Art Direction, TRY for VW
2009  Gullblyanten, BRONZE, integrated Campaign, TRY for VW
2009  Gullblyanten, Diploma, Art Direction, TRY for Cupido
2006  Pustehullet, Diplomas, for Sørlandschips
2006  Gullblyanten, Diplomas, for Sørlandschips
2005  Gullblyanten, Gold, Art Direction for "Knaz"
2005  Gullblyanten, SILVER for Ferner Jacobsen
2005  Gullblyanten, Diplomas, for Cupido
2005  Gullblyanten, Diplomas, for "Knaz"
2005  Gullvlyanten, Diplomas, for Ferner Jacobsen
2005  Gullblyanten: Diplomas,Art Direction, for "Knaz"
2005  Gullblyanten: DIplomas, Boards, for "Knaz"
2004  Gullblyanten: Diplomas for Ferner Jacobsen
2003  Gullblyanten: Diplomas for Ferner Jacobsen
2003  Gullblyanten: Diplomas for outdoor: XL1
2002  Gullblyanten: Gold JCDecaux outdoor for "Cupido"
2002  Gullblyanten: Gold outdoor for "Cupido"
2002  Gullblyanten: Diplomas for "Teddys softbar", "Cupido"and "Rimi" 
2001  Gullblyanten: Diplomas for "Intersport" and "Cupido".
2001  Short listed in Cannes: "Life is a game.Play." for Intersport.
2000  VG-Konkurransen: Gold
2000  Fagpresseprisen: "Godt Norsk ": Bronze
2000  Gullblyanten: Diplomas for "Husbanken", "Ikea", "Libresse".
1999  Gullblyanten: Silver for "Jotun Strax". 


2001 "Tørst". Published by Kagge Forlag. 


2013  Drømmer på Utstilling, Youngstorget Oslo, Red Cross Russia
2011  Skur 58, Bjørvika, Oslo
2010  Tinagents 15years annivercary, collective exhibition, Storgata, Oslo
2009  Lanseringsfest, collective exhibition, Galleri ROM, Oslo
2005  Tinagents 10 års annivercary,"Arena", collective exhibition, Akershus Festning
2004  "13" at McCann, Oslo, Norway
2003  "Sunset ride" at Gloria flames, Oslo, Norway
2003  "Rom for norsk form" at Rom for idé, Oslo, Norway
2003  Installations at Sult, Oslo, Norway
2003  Pemanent Instalation, Tørst, Oslo, Norway
2002  "Popcorn faces" at Gloria flames, Oslo, Norway
2002  "Arena" at Bislett, Oslo, Norway.
2002  "Camping games" at Lyst, Oslo, Norway
2000  "Firehose" at Sult, Oslo, Norway