Jonathan Vivaas Kise holds a bachelor's degree in Photography from Falmouth University in England. He is a social and outgoing photographer, and draws a lot of inspiration from the people and surroundings around him. Jonathan has a warm and unpolished style, and is playful and exploratory in his approach to photography.

The driving force in his work is the collaboration with other creatives, and he works closely with several musicians with the development of their visual identity, whether it is press photos, artwork or on tours.

Jonathan's pictures are contemporary reflections with a touch of analog nostalgia. His work is fine-tuned in color, composition and choice of motif - they show recognizable emotions that makes you dream away. He works with both digital and analog photography, is spontaneous and technically playful.

He has worked with clients such as Sony Music, Universal, Warner Music, Vogue, NRK, DNB, NORDDDB, Nora Collective, Rubicon, TV2 and Edda Music and more.