I've never been great at sports. For a start, I was always a lousy shot. But I do know how to shoot with a camera. And I love to tell stories. Especially those that dare to be different. You see, I never went to photography school. Instead, I learnt from YouTube, then just went out and followed my gut.   Before long, I was helping shoot stories for brands such as VY, Gjensidige, Amundsen Sport, VW, Sweet Protection and The Thief, winning numerous awards along the way.                

A gripping story resonates for a long time, igniting your imagination and taking you to far-flung places. It's not always perfect, but neither are we. And that's what makes our story's unique. By sharing them, we connect with others and learn, dream and inspire some of the world's greatest achievements.      
What's your story?

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2019 - Visuelt gold “byaksel.com”

2018 - Gullsnitt bronze “Sweet Protection”

2017 - DOGA award “Dæhlie sportswear”

2016 - Epica bronze “Bad teddy”

2016 - Gullsnitt silver “VikenFiber”

2015 - Gullsnitt agency award “Bad teddy”

2015 - Gullsnitt gold “Bad teddy”

2015 - Gullsnitt gold “Morgenbladet”

2015 - Gullsnitt diploma “Bad teddy”

2015 - Gullsnitt diploma “Volkswagen”

2015 - Gullsnitt bronze "Jens Bredberg"

2014 - Gullsnitt newcomer "Aksel Jermstad"